About Rachel Ree

Hi there! I’m so glad you decided to visit my portfolio. Now that you’re here, I want to give you a brief introduction as to who I am. Even as a kid, I always had an eye for design. From redecorating my bedroom one thousand times, to teaching myself how to code in 6th grade so I could design my MySpace page the way that I wanted it–I could always feel the artist in me. Little did I know that this eye for design would become my passion and furthermore my career.

During my senior year of high school, I was first introduced to photography, and it was honestly love at first shutter. The feeling I got being behind the lens of a camera and capturing something in one photo that a million words couldn’t even describe was something I had never felt before. During my time at Clemson University, I was able to study and dig deeper into the photography and design industries. Summer of 2015, I ventured to Memphis to work for Cyber Graphics as the Creative Services intern. That Fall I was honored to intern for Chris Isham Photography in Greenville, SC and gain so much knowledge and hands on experience from someone who is incredibly talented. Senior year, I had the privilege of being the Junior Art Director for Creative Services at Clemson, while also beginning my career as a freelance photographer & designer.

Currently, I reside in Nashville with my fur baby, Lola, and we really love it here. I hope your visit to my portfolio has excited, encouraged, and inspired you to do what you love because thats exactly what we all deserve.